General Question


For the older Children :Matt Ford ( also the President) & Zack Miller (Assistant HC),  

For the young K-2 group: Erich Adie & Doug Forbes



-Mental Toughness

Shorts, t-shirt, wrestling shoes, hear gear. Don’t forget a water bottle

We want to minimize the spread of bacteria & skin infections.  Remember to have your children shower directly after practice, not the next morning.  There are soaps designed for wrestlers, such as Defense.

With your registration we will provide your child an account with USA Wrestling. Your child will be designated a USA Wrestling #. You can go on USA W and “Claim” (assign) your child to yourself. The number will be assigned a few weeks into the season and you can find this ????

Liability Insurance is carried through the Inner County Wrestling League

True Novice- 1st Year Wrestler

Novice- 2nd Year Wrestler

3 Year Novice- 3 Year Wrestling

Wrestlers need to wear their Spring-Ford Team Singlet, Wrestling Shoes, Head Gear. Every wrestler will receive a warm up shirt to wear to Saturday Matches. Please label your child’s shirt as many children are taking their shirt off to wrestle, and they become lost. 

We will hand out singlets to be worn at matches. We ask you provide us with a $35 check that we will hold on to, and give back when you return the singlet at the end of the season. We will send out communication about Singlet nights.

Saturday Matches are on Average 4 hours, children are expected to arrive and check in at the start and warm up with the team. A parent or guardian must accompany a Wrestler during matches.

You MUST register your wrestler by 2pm on Thursday prior to the Match in order to be included. A link will be provided for this.

Match ups will not be released until ALL teams have checked in on the day of the Match.

We will have many opportunities for parents to help the club/volunteer during home matches. It takes a village!!!

  • Mats/ table set up prior to Saturday Matches
  • Scoring/ Time clock
  •  Stand stack
  • Snack Donations
  • Breakdown of Tables/Mats

We will have spirit wear for sale once the season begins and some items throughout the season. If there is something specific your looking for please reach out to us and we will do our best to get this item.