The mission of the Spring-Ford Youth Wrestling Club is to provide a competitive environment for youth wrestling. We want to teach your child the important aspects of the sport, a sense of fair play, the skill of the sport and how to have fun competing. This training will help your child to prepare for Middle School and High School Wrestling.


Spring-Ford Youth Wrestling Club is a competitive team. The coaching staff is committed to balancing competitiveness and maintaining a positive experience for all team members. Although we will always compete to win, it is not a win at all cost mentality.

Coach`s Welcome

Welcome to the Spring-Ford Wrestling Club! We take great pride in the positive culture we have created; not only developing the skills of our local youth wrestlers, but also imbuing them with our core values of Respect, Accountability, and Mental Toughness. It is a team effort here at Spring-Ford and we are fortunate to have a staff of committed coaches who volunteer up to 20 hours a week ensuring our athletes have a positive experience in our growing sport. We welcome you to join our Spring-Ford Wrestling family!
Matt Ford, President SFYWC


We maintain high standards at Spring ford youth wrestling club. Please browse through our code of conduct policy by clicking the button below.


What to wear to practice

  • Shorts: Above the knee, No pockets
  • T-Shirt: No pockets, hoods, loose strings
  • Wrestling shoes: $25 – $60
    • SFYWC has upcycled shoes on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Headgear: $25 – $45, required at practice, meets, and tournaments
  • Knee Pads: optional
  • Mouthguard: Not recommended unless your child has braces
  • Face mask

What NOT to wear to practice

  • Bracelets, Earrings or Jewelry
  • Glasses
  • Street shoes


Post-practice recommendations

  • It is highly recommended that after each practice your child shower with soap and water.